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6 Reasons People Struggle with Weight Loss

Have you ever wondered why weight management is so incredibly difficult? Why each day, week, month, year seems like a roller coaster? There may be some reasons that you haven't really thought about before.

I think that most of us can agree there are a few reasons why we continue to get on the roller coaster over and over again. You may be suffering from some of all of the following.

1 - Excuses

2 - Lack of a realistic plan

3 - Lack of support

4 - No accountability

5 - Unrealistic weight loss expectations

6 - Not getting on the scale

What are you thoughts after reading this list? Sadness, depression, disappointment, this list probably goes on and on. But we don't need to feel so down, there is hope. All of the things on the list are within our control. We don't have to continue to get on that ride any more. We can choose something different.

Take a look at the list and pick on that you'd like to start changing. Consider where you are in your life right now, which ones seems the least overwhelming? What we know about people who change their lifestyle is that they do so in small manageable steps. Can you get on the scale? Can you stop eating when you are only 80% full? Are you ready to ask for some support?

Making one simple decision to do something differently can get the ball rolling to a new life. You can do it, I believe you can.

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