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Diets: Myths and Facts

Updated: Nov 19, 2018

How to find the right diet for you.

Wouldn't it be fantastic if you could sort of plug yourself into a computer? You could enter in your height, weight, eye color, hair color, cultural background, health history, food preferences, ideal weight and what the computer would pop out would be the ideal diet for you? That would be awesome!

The problem - it just isn't that simple. Sorry. Haven't you ever tried a style of eating thinking this is going to be the silver bullet for you? Only to find out in a month or two or six that it was too difficult to stay on because really who can eat cabbage soup 6 times a day without going crazy?

Something to always remember as you are trying to live a healthy life is that there isn't one diet that is going to work. If someone told me that I had to eat broccoli as part of my long term weight management plan I would give a scowl and say I'll stay heavy thank you. I can't stand broccoli and so for a plan to include it wouldn't work for me. I know that you're thinking try broccolini, yes I've tried that too and it tastes like broccoli.

What about modifying the plan to remove broccoli and add something appetizing, yes that's a fantastic idea. I'll just say it down, diets work when you stay on them for the rest of your life, diets don't work because we can't stay on them for the rest of our life. That idea is leading us into lifestyle eating. The plan that is going to work for anyone is something they feel like isn't a diet, it's simply the way you eat.

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