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Coronavirus Causing Weight Gain?

I've been thinking a lot about COVID-19 these days. It seems as though every conversation and situation revolves around this topic. As you all know I live and breathe weight management so that's the lense I'm looking through. I was at the grocery store recently and began to notice what was there and not there. Of course the things that weren't there was toilet paper and anything sanitizing. But what was more interesting to me was that I couldn't get a fresh protein of any sort, no chicken, no fish, no turkey. Not even any frozen proteins could be found. Then I continued to look, every single frozen food item was gone, except frozen vegetables, down the rest of the isles no chips, no crackers, no bread. I got to the fresh section and thought I would be sadly disappointed, however, I was pleasantly surprised that I could get any fresh fruit or vegetable that I wanted. Yeah something I could bring home to cook.

So this got me thinking about where people with their eating throughout all of this. Were people choosing healthy food or were we hoarding food and stress eating out of the cabinets and freezers? This is an incredibly stressful time for a lot of people. When we are in times of stress what do we do? Eat carrots and celery and train for marathons? There may be some people who do that, but the vast majority of us hunker down and worry. Worry and stress and eating particular types of comfort foods go hand in hand.

This begs the question - what is happening to your weight during this time? Has COVID-19 had you relapsing back to your old habits? You would be among friends if the answer to this was yes. There is no shame in slipping back into some old powerful habits during this time.

If I may I'd like to offer you a helpful suggestion - the next time before you eat simply stop and ask yourself "why am I eating this food?" See what the answer is. This is step one with moving forward again. You are not alone in this, please find someone you can reach out and talk to. Finding a friendly ear is what we all need at this time. You've Got This!

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