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Excuses are powerful

Do you feel as though you are having a tug of war with your mental conversations? Have you ever convinced yourself that the reason why you haven't been able to get to something, you feel as though is really important, to happen is because you don't have enough time or energy or motivation or you don't know what to eat for your body type?

The mind is so incredibly powerful that it will manifest anything we want to believe is true. Think for a minute about the last thing you wanted to do and it didn't happen. Why didn't it happen?

It's the holidays and our time is filled with things to do that we only do once a year. For example, decorating our houses and yards with everything festive. I personally have done so over the past few days. Depending on how decked out you get, it make take you days to get everything the way that you want it. So what happens to all of the healthy habits you are trying to maintain? What are the thoughts that go through your head? I can tell you what went through my head, "since I have to decorate tonight then I probably won't have time to make dinner so I'd better stop and get something and exercise is out of the question. I just don't have the time or energy." Sound familiar, or am lonely out here with my thoughts?

If I stand in the mirror and really look at myself and think what really happened to those healthy habits that I had just a mere 2 weeks ago, then I have to say to myself that not having enough time or energy to exercise or make food at home are really just excuses. Excuses for me not to do the things that are going to take some or maybe a lot of effort.

Have you ever said any of these to yourself?

- I can't walk outside it's too cold or hot

- I can't eat healthy it's too expensive

- I can't lose weight because I don't know what to eat

- I can't exercise because my knees hurt

- I can't mange my stress because I hate my job

Would you agree that honestly all of these are excuses justifying why we really don't want to do something? What I have realized is that one we realize that these are simply excuses we can then make a unemotional decision about what we would like to do. If you don't feel like exercising then ask yourself is this something that is really important for me to do? Or is this something that I "should" do? "Shoulds" don't lead to any behavior change, they only lead to guilt.

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