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Stress and Headaches

Updated: Nov 20, 2018

Tired of your headaches being in the driver's seat of your life? Your headaches don't have to define your life.

The suffering and pain that goes along with headaches is something that you may be dealing with on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. Are you tired of the people in your life telling you to take some aspirin and get on with your day? If only they could see how different chronic headaches are for someone who is suffering.

You may have discovered there are some things that trigger your headaches. Maybe you suffer from migraines or tension headaches or you may be one of the lucky ones that suffers from both. When you are experiencing a headache have you ever thought about why you are experiencing them?

I have noticed a common theme - stress. When someone asks you if you are stressed do you sort of wave it off as yeah who isn't. More and more research continues to be published on the health effects of stress. The body has a way of communicating with us when we are stressed, it could be in ways such as irritable bowel syndrome, heart palpitations, increased blood sugar, stomach ulcers, insomnia, and you guessed it headaches. The way that I like to take a look at how stress affects your headaches is like this. Let's say for instance that you are under a lot of stress and then you have a poor night of sleep, then you have a higher likelihood of developing a headache. On the flip side, if your stress is well managed and you have a poor night of sleep then you are less likely to get a headache. The level of stress you have makes you more or less likely to develop a headache.

I believe that isn't not a secret that stress has a significant impact on our health, so why are all of us suffering? Because like everything else managing stress is a behavior. With all behavior change we struggle with sticking with whatever plan we initially set forth. I remember several years ago I was doing really well with managing my stress, I was taking a few minutes every day and really made it a priority, then I went on vacation for a couple of weeks and it took me 1 month after my return to even remember what I was doing before. Those old habits are just waiting in the wings for us to fall back into our old ways again.

Having the right plan and getting the right kind of support is a game changer when trying to start and continue a new lifestyle. Be kind to yourself, there is no shame in getting off track, the key is getting back to it again.

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