Program Options 

In person 90 day Total Weight Loss Transformation

This program is for those who know that it takes time to create a new way of life that will stick.  We know that there are 3 elements programs need to include to be successful long term.  They are the right program, the right support and the right accountability.  This program offers you all 3 elements.

Program Cost: $247/month for 3 months or 1 time payment of  $697    Not Currently Available

Weight Loss Secret - Online (8 or 12 week program)

In this program you will receive 6 short videos on exactly what you can do to stop dieting and create a plan for your lifestyle that is simple, this is going to be only a starter program.  You will also be invited to live groups to discuss your plan and how to make it work for you.  This is a good trial program to determine if this is the right kind program for you moving forward.   For those who would like specialized support the VIP option is a good one for you.  Along with added bonuses and individual support outside of the group.

8 week program Cost: $157/month for 3 months or 1 time payment of  $347  

12 week program Cost: $157/month for 3 months or 1 time payment of  $497 

VIP option: additional $100

You're Getting Very Sleepy - Online 6 week insomnia program

Most people have occasional sleepless nights or periods of poor sleep during stressful life events, such as job or relationship difficulties, pregnancy, a presentation or an illness or death.   For some, these occasional sleeping problems can evolve into chronic insomnia.  Tiredness, fatigue, reduced concentration, anxiety, and irritability often accompany insomnia.  It is estimated that more than 100 million Americans have occasional sleep problems, and about one in six Americans have chronic insomnia and consider it a regular problem. 


The techniques we are going to talk about in this series have been universally shown  improvement in sleep: 70% of the people who have tried these techniques report significant improvement in sleep, and 90% of people who learned these techniques reduced or eliminated the need for sleep medications.  They are remarkable when you consider that the majority of these people have experienced insomnia for 12 years on average.


Program Cost: $167/month for 2 months or 1 time payment of  $287  


Kaleidoscope - Online 8 week stress management program

In this program you will…become part of a private Facebook group and…..

  • Learn how stress affects your eating

  • Bring body from tension to relaxation

  • Discover new way of managing stress

  • Techniques that will change you from stressed to relaxed in only seconds

  • Simple ways to incorporate into full life w/o feeling more overwhelmed

  • Go from tired and unmotivated to excited and full of energy

  • Sleep better, eat better, better mood, better blood sugar, better blood pressure, better quality of life….and many other exciting benefits yet to be discovered 

Managing your stress can move your health pendulum from overwhelmed and exhausted to excited and full of energy.  

When living life from a place of grounding, the greatest of storms won’t lift you off the ground.

Program Cost: $137/month for 3 months or 1 time payment of  $297  

Resting Metabolic Rate Testing

If you’re frustrated with your weight loss and wonder if your metabolism may be the reason why, then measuring your metabolism will be the answer you’ve been looking for.  During this 45 minute appointment you will receive immediate results as to where you should be eating for optimum weight loss.

Cost: $197

1:1 Individual telephone coaching

Individual coaching is available and customized based on your needs.  How often and for how long is based on where you are starting from.  This option is available as a add on to a program you are currently attending or as a stand alone program.  

Cost: varies based on need